Struggling to find time for exercise? Here are 6 tips to keep you going ๐Ÿ’ช

Finding Time to Get Active

finding time

A day on Mars is about 40 minutes longer than here on Earth ๐ŸŒŽ Perfect for fitting in an after dinner walk ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿš€or morning jog around the red planet! You'll even be faster, stronger, and lighter because the strength of gravity is 1/3 that on Earth.

Kidding aside, the reality is that we all need to make do with the 24 hours in a day that we do have and can't magically create extra time for activity. Building new habits is a difficult enough thing by itself but it can be especially so when it feels like life is getting in the way. Time to rest and recover is vitally important as well, the last thing we want is to create stress around getting enough physical activity. Here are a few tips to save the stress when it comes to getting active!

Recognize activity as a priority

Physical activity is a worthwhile use of your time whatever your goals and motivations are. Remind yourself often and try to build a habit of consistency as you work towards a goal. Embrace that being active is personally meaningful to you and it becomes far easier to make time.

Don't sweat the small stuff

You will inevitably find yourself without enough time in your day or week to get out and move. It's perfectly normal to miss a workout or fall shy of a goal, channel any stress or worry about missing into getting back on track as soon as you are able. The last thing you want to do is feel discouraged or allow your motivation to slip, it happens. Goals are in place to serve as a guide, if you don't reach them one week just try again the next!

Split it up

Did you know that there is a perceptible benefit from as little as 10 minutes of walking? Research has shown that 3 separate workouts of 10 minutes offers the same benefit as a single 30 minute workout. It can be far easier to fit shorter workouts into your day. Small changes such as taking the stairs or going for a walk during a quick break can really add up and help you to stay consistent.

Mid-day Vacay

Physical activity is all about self-care. Whether you like to exercise in the company of others or spend that time alone with your thoughts, it really is an opportunity for you to take some time during your day to de-stress and recover. Establishing ritual around physical activity as time for you to take care of yourself makes it easier to prioritize. The more fun you make it the easier it will be to stay motivated, and you'll likely find that you are even more rested, happy, and productive when you take the time to take care of your body.

Double up

One of the reasons that we try to promote activity in general versus a specific kind of exercise is that most forms of movement can have the same impact on your health. Sure, mowing the lawn may not help you improve at tennis ๐ŸŽพ, but it certainly counts towards your active time in a given week. Your heart doesn't discriminate between activities, whether it's walking, pumping iron, or cleaning up around the house. If you're stretched for time try using daily activities as a chance to elevate your heart rate whenever possible.

HIIT it hard

Still concerned you don't have time to get active? Studies show that you can get the same benefit in half the time doing high intensity exercise...that's just 75 minutes a week to reach the minimum recommended activity. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes can be a lot of fun too! Upping the intensity level is a great way to shave time off your workouts, just be sure to build up slowly if you are not used to exercising at a higher intensity.

Finding time for something new is always a challenge, but you have the power to make it happen. Remind yourself why it matters to you and keep some of these tips in mind!