ReCreate is about empowering movement. We take a lifestyle and community based approach to help you get and stay active.

Introducing ReCreate


In addition to being one of the single greatest things a person can do for their physical health, activity facilitates social connection and can play a significant role in improving mental health. Despite being accepted as common knowledge that exercise is good for you, there is a real disconnect when it comes to making it part of a regular routine. Lifestyles today are increasingly sedentary and busy, leaving fewer opportunities for people to be active.

Even though there are more tools, facilities, experts, and resources available today than ever before—only a small minority of people reap the benefits of physical activity. ReCreate came into being from questioning why this is and what we can do about it.

Our mission is simple, we want to see more people active, more often. Everyone should have access to facilities and resources in order to make informed decisions about physical activity.

This is our North Star as a company and impacts everything we do. Fitness should not be a treated as a chore or a means to an end. Instead, we believe movement is a natural part of what it means to be human. Our approach favors consistency and enjoyment over intensity and recognizes that this is unique to the individual more often than not, depending on your own goals and aspirations. Whether you are in it for health, pushing the limits of performance, or having fun... building activity into your lifestyle is the most effective way to create meaningful change.

We have big plans in the coming months for content and our platform. The following are 3 primary areas of focus for enabling greater access and enjoyment of active life.

  • Community and Culture

As a society we are all invested in each other's health. From employers and insurers to family members, friends, and ourselves—everyone benefits from a healthier society. A culture that prioritizes movement and health increases accessibility and inclusion for everyone. Our aim is to turn sentiment into action by bringing stakeholders together and working to build a positive culture around movement and activity that places health and enjoyment above appearance and performance. For our part this means creating a community open to everyone and engaging in conversation to reach our goals collectively. We want to hear from you!

  • Coaching and Education

The medical and scientific community are in consensus regarding the benefits of exercise, but it can be difficult to determine the right place to start. Educational resources are important to spread accurate information about health and fitness, but this alone is not enough as the needs of each individual are unique. Coaching fills this void by guiding toward the right solutions for you and your situation. Both are equally important to what we hope to build and will feature centrally across our platforms.

  • Consistency and Motivation

Consistency is the most influential factor when it comes to realizing a goal. No amount of intensity can compare to consistency over weeks, months, or years. The challenge is maintaining the motivation to stay consistent. Forming new habits and sticking to them is hard no matter what your activity level or goal is. Motivation remains the biggest hurdle to staying active, recognizing this is an important step towards making fitness work for anyone.

Whether you are a complete beginner, looking for ways to make an active habit stick, or pushing your limits, ReCreate is being built with you in mind.

We want to hear from you! Please reach out with feedback or suggestions.